Psychotherapy is the journey of the sacred light of the heart, which leads to deep and lasting healing and enriches the quality of our lives  I envision myself as a committed partner on this journey, bringing with me the maps and tools of my professional training and personal experience.  
As we embark on our journey I strive to create a therapeutic relationship which encourages transformation through enhanced awareness of self and others.  The unconditional presence of the therapist provides a mirror for all aspects of the self to emerge.  When lost elements of the self emerge into the light, and  are welcomed into awareness with a compassionate and open heart, healing occurs.  Just as light dispels darkness in the natural world, distorted and inaccurate beliefs about our selves and the world can be dispelled with the light of awareness.  As we open our hearts to what is intrinsically human about us we can grow and heal.  The path is further illuminated, by accessing our higher spiritual aspects - the sacred light of the heart.
On our journey from conception to adulthood, all of us have taken on patterns that may have served us well at one time, but we have long since outgrown.  The light of the heart can illuminate and transform these patterns to be  more resilient and responsive  to the present. One is then free to respond to life through empowerment and conscious choice, rather than from the imprisonment of unconscious fears, distorted perceptions and unresolved experience.
In each session, we take steps along the path.  Through the process of giving personal history and setting goals, we gain a sense of direction and chart the course.  Step by step we make the journey, together navigating and choosing from a variety of therapeutic approaches.  Through this process deeply embedded patterns are revealed, accepted, understood and transformed. Issues such as relationship patterns, family of origin issues, unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness are worked through.  Integrative work with other health care professionals both alternative and traditional is encouraged when appropriate.
As we behold and embrace all that emerges we bring light into the darkness, we arrive finally at home with ourselves in the sacred light of our hearts - finally the creators of our own lives.
Eileen Cleary, LPC
Chapel Hill, NC      919-960-4777

      "Awareness Transends what it is aware of.  It is as separate as light is from what it shines upon.  Your consciousness and you can free yourself from all of this by relaxing behind it."
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